Feel better, stay well.

At OASurgery you’re more than a number, you are a priority.

Receive quality healthcare in a familiar environment with predictable timing and a dependable doctor.

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Receive quality healthcare in a familiar environment with predictable timing and a dependable doctor.


Visit the same doctor at every appointment.


Avoid delays and the consequences to your health.


See a doctor who can communicate clearly in plain language.


Feel secure that your surgery date won’t be moved.

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It’s reassuring to see the same practitioner who knows you and your health history every time you visit.

Your problem may not be an emergency, but we want to get you back on your feet as soon as possible. We want to help you feel well.

To see Dr. Oscar Aldridge

Contact us for an appointment.

Come in for your appointment.

Receive quality care.

Take charge of your health by getting the help you need, now.

Book an appointment or email us with questions.

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More about OASurgery

Oscar works in a busy public hospital and sees that sometimes patients get frustrated with the uncertainty of the over-subscribed public hospital system. He wants to offer patients the ability to use their private hospital cover to ensure they receive their care in a timely fashion, with a preferred provider, and in comfortable and familiar surrounds.

With great bedside manner, Oscar is able to clearly communicate with patients. He knows how to speak to you in language that makes sense.

Understanding your health empowers you to control what you can and take the journey to recovery.

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General Surgeon operating at Fiona Stanley, Fremantle and Hollywood Private Hospitals. Special interest in acute and emergency general surgery including trauma. Most frequent operations include appendicectomy, cholecystectomy (gall bladder surgery) with advanced skills in bile duct exploration & clearance, hernia repair, and surgery for small bowel and colonic disease. Trained in laparoscopic and open surgery and GESA certified in colonoscopy and upper GI endoscopy.

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